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Welcome Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment  Jail Diversion Program

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We are the expert in treating and detoxing clients with pill addiction and opiate addiction. We are the leaders in affordable detox.
Q. What is drug rehab?
Alcohol dependency and other types of drug addiction are diseases that progress through predictable stages. Accurately diagnosing these conditions, and developing a comprehensive treatment plan, requires the involvement of trained health professionals, often including a doctor who specializes in addiction medicine. Drug rehab is series of steps through which addicted individuals rid their bodies of the drugs they have been abusing, address the issues that either led to or were exacerbated by the substance abuse, receive treatment for co-occurring mental health or physical disorders, and develop the skills and strategies that will allow them to pursue long-term sobriety. An effective drug rehabilitation treatment center will offer a variety of treatment programs to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Programs may include inpatient, residential, outpatient, and/or short-stay options.

Q. What types of therapies are used in drug rehab?
Depending upon the nature and severity of an individual's addiction, therapies completed during drug rehab may include counseling, psychotherapy, group therapy, 12-step support groups and family therapy. Some drug rehab programs use expressive arts therapies such as music therapy and art therapy, while others employ more traditional therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Q. Will I have to take medications during rehab?
The use of medications during rehab depends upon two factors: the needs of the client (you) and the philosophy of the program. Some programs use no medications whatsoever; others provide medically assisted detox services (as quitting some drugs "cold turkey" isn't only difficult, but dangerous); while still others others provide medications to support long-term sobriety (such as methadone maintenance programs for recovering heroin addicts). Because addiction recovery often involves the treatment of co-occurring disorders such as depression or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, certain medications may be prescribed to treat these conditions during rehab. However, you will never be forced to take any medications that you do not want to take. When you enter rehab, you do not give up your rights as a person or a patient - in fact, one of the primary objectives of effective rehab programs is to allow you to take greater (and more positive) control over your life.

Q. How long does treatment last?
Drug rehab treatment can vary from a few days to many months. Research shows that the longer a person remains in treatment, the greater the likelihood that long-term sobriety will result. As with most aspects of treatment (such as therapy types and program structures), determining ideal length of stay involves an analysis of a number of personal factors.

Q. How much does treatment cost?
Drug rehab treatment is a highly personal experience, and the costs associated with this process may vary considerably depending upon a number of issues, such as location, type of care (i.e. residential, outpatient, or partial hospitalization), specific nature of problem being treated, length of stay, presence of co-occurring disorders and whether rehab is conducted at a public treatment facility or private program.

Q. Will my family be involved in my treatment?
Family involvement is an integral component of an effective drug treatment program. In many cases, the difference between long-term sobriety and relapse is the ability of a recovering individual's loved ones to offer the necessary support (and to make the necessary changes) to promote healthy living. Though every recovery experience is unique and personal, most effective treatment programs will encourage strong family involvement in the recovery and aftercare process.

Q. What is a typical day in treatment like?
Every program operates according to its own rules, policies and procedures, so a specific "day in the life of a treatment client" will vary from program to program. However, in general, most effective treatment programs offer highly structured schedules that combine individual and group therapies, addiction education, relapse prevention training, recreational activities, meals and time for personal reflection. Some programs take clients into the community for recreational activities or to attend off-campus support groups, while others prefer clients to remain at the facility at all times. In most cases, clients start by following a more highly structured schedule (which allows them to focus entirely on their initial recovery). As they progress through the program, they have more freedom and more options - a development that slowly prepares them for productive return to their homes, communities and places of business.

Q. Does entering rehab mean I have to join AA or complete a 12-Step program?
Many drug and alcohol treatment programs incorporate the 12-Step principles into their recovery plans, while others do not. Some programs require participants to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous programs, some give clients the option to participate or not, and some don't have any AA/NA association. As with every aspect of treatment, the important thing is finding a program that is ideally suited to you. The 12 Steps have helped tens of thousands of men and women achieve and maintain long-term sobriety - but that doesn't mean they're perfect for everyone. Talk to an advisor, educate yourself about your options, then find the program that's right for you.

Q. I've already tried rehab, and now I'm using again. Doesn't that mean that this process just doesn't work for me?
Not by a long shot. If anything, previous rehab experiences may mean that you're closer to your goal of achieving and maintaining long-term recovery. Some people respond well to their initial treatment, while for others a more cumulative process is necessary. You have the benefit of knowing what did and did not work for you in your previous rehab experiences - now it's just a matter of taking those lessons and applying them to your current situation in order to find the program that is best designed to meet your unique needs.

In southern california alone there are over 1200 drug and alcohol treatment centers. Our staff at pacificoceandrugrehab referral service have visited many of them. We have found many to be poorly staffed and the centers that do not deliver what they promise. Whether you are looking for a $7500 a month to $50000 a month treatment program we know which ones are run up to the quality of the highest standards at no cost to you. Please give us a call we can also help with a sobercoach or an intervention.

Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment is a placement and referral drug treatment center. We specialize in alcohol detox, heroin detox, opiate detox, benzodiazepines detox along with unique treatment options for all substance abuse. Our treatment program is very different from most drug treatment and alcohol treatment centers. After you go through your detox process we break up your therapy with unique beach activities on weekends the reason we do this is to show the alcoholic or drug addict a way to enjoy life without the the use of alcohol or drugs. Our clients are always supervised by our highly trained staff. Many treatment centers throughout this country lock people in for 30 60 or even 90 days the client tends to feel institutionalized and once the alcoholic or drug addict is released they have a much higher relapse rate. We have many different type of programs that should give you a great chance to get your life back.

Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment is a drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation treatment center located in beautiful Orange County. We offer affordable and individualized treatment regiments for alcoholism and drug addiction in a premier residential setting. Our comprehensive and individualized treatment programs addresses the unique needs and requirements of our residents , come from all areas of the State and Country and from all walks of life. We provide the finest in patient accommodations to ensure a peaceful and comfortable environment which we deem as necessary for successfully introducing our clients to recovery. When it comes to residential treatment centers close to the beach at Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment is number one. While we take the approach to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction with the upmost seriousness and professionalism, our relaxed approach to our clients treatment ensures that they are able to be introduced to the full and enjoyable life that awaits them in recovery. This is accomplished through the combined program of at least 25 hours of drug and alcohol education per week, at least five (5) hours of group therapy and counseling daily, attending a minimum of one individual session per week with our counselors, certified through the California Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors, daily homework assignments, attendance at relapse prevention curriculums, anger management curriculums, seven (7) weekly outside support groups such as 12 step AA/NA meetings and supervised work on an individualized treatment plan. The Staff, Volunteers and Interns here at Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment have a combined total of over 25 years in the recovery field including professional education in the fields of alcohol and drug interventions, critical incident stress management, acute traumatic stress management, anger management, counseling (both pastoral and secular), adult and youth intervention strategies, marriage and family therapy and have also worked for years in the fields of drug and alcohol addiction, EMS/Nursing and professional counseling as well.

Here at Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment we offer a private Sober Coach program whether you're in or outside of treatment. We offer 24 hour companionship for addicts and alcoholics of any type. All of our companions are certified with years of experience that can accommodate the addict or alcoholic in need. If you are in residential inpatient treatment we are able to work with your treatment center to provide you with the utmost care and recovery. Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment's Sober Coach program has found that with more individualized treatment we can help you build a better foundation of recovery. We work one on one with addicts and alcoholics and help build a life in recovery. We are able to provide in-home companionship as well. Our Sober Coach's are available on a hourly basis or 24 hour basis. We provide the utmost care and comfortability to our patients. Payment are simple either week to week or monthly, with a three day minimum. We also offer outpatient detox for $795, we provide the doctor and medication for a 3-5 day detox. We are located in Orange County. Call us for a free consultation today!

Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment also offers a lot of recreational activities such as beach outings, deep sea fishing trips, bonfires, BBQs and fellowship so as to break up the therapy and classroom atmosphere. They still get the proper education for recovery but with a revolutionary approach to a clean and sober life while in treatment. We have found that many drug/alcohol detox and treatment centers will "lock" people in for thirty or 60 days and tends to create an "Institutionalized" atmosphere. At Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment we incorporate a relaxed, balanced approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment culminating in a higher success rate of recovery from our clients. We believe in a balanced approach to drug and alcohol treatment and look forward to taking this journey to recovery with you.

Your Pet As Therapy at Drug Rehab

There are many uses for dogs and pets for people, but one of the most helpful ways to have a dog help you or a loved one is during drug rehab therapy. You can bring your dog or other animal such as a cat to help you with drug rehab. This is one of the best methods to help you or a loved one get well. Pets, especially dogs provide general feelings of well-being, and unconditional affection while you are going through any kind of mental, emotional or physical pain. A dog can feel when you are not being yourself or are going through stress and trying to recuperate in any kind of drug or alcohol therapy. Many people have strong bonds with their pets. It could be a cat or a bird also. Pets can help a great deal while a person is going through drug treatment. Throughout Orange County we have been helping people in all walks of life to do anything possible to help them to a full recovery. You can have your pet at a nice private room near the ocean where your pet can help provide the physical, social, and emotional therapy you need. Once we have helped you and guided you along the way to the recovery process with executive residential treatment at the beach during any drug and opiate detox, your pet will do a little magic for you. It is important that you understand that all of our treatment facilities are state licensed. We also provide Carf treatment rehabilitation services. We have researched how to help. And we know how your pet can help make a tough situation much easier. Though dogs or pets do not need any specialized training, research proves how beneficial they can be. It is important however, that your pet be calm, friendly, and well behaved. Call us at any time and allow your dog or pet to help be the unconditional champion to help you in the process of recovery for your life. You can all us 24 hours a day at: 714-654-2325.


We Provide Private Doctor To Come Out For $1000.00

Our addiction treatment is made stronger as we have our own resident addiction specialist Greg VanDyke, MD. He is ready to provide services for housecalls at $1,000. If you want to avail of his services, you can call our intake coordinator at 714-654-2325. Please know that we adhere to the privacy policy. Your information is safe with us and only trusted staff who work with you are able to access your files.

We understand how difficult it is to choose the path of sobriety. This is why we only provide the best level of services we can offer. With your cooperation, we can make your dream of turning over a new leaf a reality.

California Treatment Center:

Private Rooms Pet Friendly Guaranteed Beach Activities
room Bonfire
Take A Photo Tour Supervised Activities

Southern California Women Recovery

Are you a woman seeking recovery? Have you maybe even already tried to stay sober or stop using drugs? Most of us have no idea HOW or WHERE to start in getting help for substance abuse, but we want to assure you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We can and are here to help.

Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment specializes in sobriety programs for women dealing with any kind of addictive behavior. From alcoholism to drug addiction, Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment recognizes the differences of men verses women addiction and emphasizes the great importance of a sobriety program created only with women in mind. Our partner program, Sober Companions Orange County, will help to show you how to live your life sober once you have completed treatment. This combination will help you or your loved one have an overall successful and happy ending to what, so far, has been a difficult journey.

Overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean in Southern California, you or your loved one can find their key to sobriety in our Orange County facility. We are known for our comfortable and peaceful living accommodations and extensive knowledge of recovery for women. Private room options are available in our exclusive beachfront homes. Outdoor activities like visits to the beach, volleyball, and even surfing, will be a part of your road to recovery simply because of our location. A strong, nutrient based diet and physical fitness will be essential to your recovery as a woman. Our staff will organize the best meal plan possible for your physical re-growth based on age, medical history, and sobriety. We offer training from top chefs who will create five-star meals for you daily. We pair this with a workout regiment for you ranging from cardio, weight lifting, yoga, zumba, and Pilates. Your Sober Companion will then walk you through how to continue these potential changes into daily life after treatment.

Living life sober can give you or your loved one anything they may feel has been lost due to addiction or alcoholism. Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment understands that family, love, and children relationships can be altered due to addiction and alcoholism. We will help you rebuild your families with the best treatment options offered in the world. Marriage, family, and personal counseling is available in the facility, or an outside location of your choice. Our therapists and counselors are women addiction specialists and have been practicing in this field for a number of years. Psychiatry options of the same caliber will also be available to our clients.

We provide the BEST sober coaches from Sober Companions Orange County, who live locally and will walk you through different options you have in sobriety. Our sober coaches are in recovery themselves, have been where you are, and want to help you and your loved ones heal. By having a sober coach you have someone to lean on in hard times and to make your transition into sober life as easy as can be. They will help you with any task, big or small, and have only your best interests in mind! Our goal is strong, long term sobriety and we are determined to take any steps to get you there. Another benefit of Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment offering sober coaches is helping with career development. Our professionals can walk you through the next necessary steps to get you where you want to be in your career if this is something that interests you in your professional life. Most of our sober coaches are working, professional women themselves and are known for being relatable to clients at our facilities. The sober coaches teach tips and tricks to deal with any potential questions you may get from employers or friends regarding your sobriety.

Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment has helped women from all over the world recover from this devastating disease. We have helped hundreds of women on their road to sobriety. Our goal is to help you or your loved one get sober, and stay sober, in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. CALL us IMMEDIATELY to inquire further on our world-class, unique approach to women's recovery.

Sobriety vs. Medication
Sobriety is a personal journey. Your experience and finding what methods work for you will be individual to you. Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment, located in beautiful Southern California on the Pacific Ocean, is dedicated to finding the most successful program it can for each individual client. The staff is well advertised in different treatment options including psychiatry, physical therapy, personal and family counseling, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Pills Anonymous, and Crystal Meth Anonymous to name a few. We will find solutions to your drug addiction or alcoholism.

Psychiatric/Medical Direction
The medical field is finally starting to make headway in the alcoholism/addiction area. New medications and treatment plans are being announced every year in this area of study. Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment embraces any potential solution for the alcoholic or addict. Our staff is kept up to date on the possibilities different medications can have.
Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment is a flexible and supportive environment for anyone struggling with sobriety. We are open to Suboxone detox, Suboxone treatment, and the methadone program for people trying to recover from opiate/opioid addiction. For alcoholics, we make the Sinclair Method available to you. Anxiety disorder clients could benefit from anti-anxiety medication, which can be controlled substances. The options for you and your sobriety are endless.

If you are interested in more information regarding Suboxone, Sinclair Method, or methadone treatment options, call Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment immediately.

Our doctors also specialize in treating the under laying causes of addiction. Some of these could include anxiety disorder, bi-polarism, clinical depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and countless other diagnosis that make sobriety more difficult for some. A psychiatrist will be selected for you to track and monitor your experience in treatment and help suggest medical options that are available to you.

Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment wants you to find the most effective sobriety options for your life! With us you can create a program truly unique to you! We will support you in your individual treatment choices.

Best drug treatment in the world.

Reasons why you can bring your dog to drug treatment.

Huntington Beach, CA

After having lost what feels like everything in your life, the love from your pet still exists. They don't care that you didn't come home when you said you would, wake up when you said you would, or be where you said you would be. They love you UNCONDITIONALLY.

At Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment, they understand the immense benefits of having your animal while getting sober. Located on the Pacific Coast in Orange County, you can bring your pet to treatment. Your animal can stay with you in your own private room and help you through the journey which lies ahead.

Benefits of Pets in Treatment:

There are many different therapies that are centered around contact with animals like equine therapy and service work involving dogs. Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment recognizes the intense connection a pet owner and their pet has and want to show its clients the therapeutic qualities that animals can bring. Animals are typically loyal to their owners and they appreciate being a part of your growth as well! This mutually beneficial relationship can be a key to opening your heart to sobriety.

Bringing your pet to treatment will add normality and responsibility to your experience in rehab. Your animal is unique, just like you, and will need to have their own schedule that works for both the patient and pet. Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment makes this possible with their exceptional and considerate staff. They will help you find a program to better you and your pet's lives.

Can I Bring My Pet to Drug Rehab?

Yes!!! At Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment your animal will be in your room with you for the entire duration of your stay in treatment. The staff will make any necessary arrangements to make your stay more enjoyable in order to help you heal and grow from the pains of addiction. You will have sober activities that involve your animal and living life clean!

In Southern California there are thousands of activities one can do with their animals. You will learn how to live sober and create a lifestyle free from drugs and alcohol that is healthy, productive, and responsible to the members of your household like your dog or cat. Orange County has many dog friendly beaches and parks where you can enjoy clean and sober time with your pets!

The facility sits on the Pacific Ocean overlooking the beach in Orange County. These large Southern Californian style homes offer exceptional housing accommodations for your stay in rehab. Your animal, no matter what size or breed, will be satisfied with the space allotted to it and its owner.

The accommodations for your animals are just as important to Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment as your experience in treatment. Alcoholism and addiction destroy they things we love the most so here we work on bringing those things back. The therapeutic benefits of having your pet in treatment are endless. Your experience getting clean and sober will be very personal to you, and we want to help.

Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment provides the daily needs and comfort of its residents including a warm and relaxing environment, laundry, housekeeping services, and everything our clients may need.

Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment is committed to meeting the needs of all of our clients. We are dedicated to treating all people as individuals and welcome people from all walks of life. You have our word, that we are here to help. Our highly intensive program is filled with the best clinical services available, and balanced with fun and exciting activities. Our program is luxurious, comfortable, and most of all affordable. Our team is committed to ensuring that treatment is affordable to those in need.

Our drug rehab program welcomes pets and will accommodate all special requests and needs. Contact us today to see how we can help, and you can get your life back!

We here at Huntington Beach Drug and Alcohol Treatment believe your pet can be beneficial to you recovery. That is why we are pet friendly and welcome your pet with open arms. That's right you can bring your pet along for comfort through your treatment process.

**We accept some Insurance plans upon verification of Insurance benefits. Some Detox fee's: substance abuse treatment fee's may be reimbursed. But it depends on your specific Medical Health Plan.

Most Insurance Accepted

Referrals to Sober Living and Referrals to Residential Treatment And Referrals to Outpatient Detox Treatment

Intervention outside of Orange County area would be $1500 dollars

We also have treatment centers for women only with private rooms and you can bring along your pets

Deep Sea Fishing
Pets are Welcome
Bring Your Cell and Laptop
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Services Offered:
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral
  • Sober Coaching
  • We offer sober coaching for men and women who prefer one on one private care in a coastal hotel of their choice. Transportation from Orange County or Los Angeles Airports will be provided. We have an addiction specialist, Greg VanDyke MD and we are pet friendly.
  • At Pacific Drug Treatment we give you options for recovery the way you want it. We offer the 12 Step program of treatment in addition to offering a Non 12 Step program for those that choose to. Activities with a sober coach may include but are not limited to: going to meetings, education, massages,bicycling,surfing, 24 hour fitness, or whatever you may enjoy doing.
  • Rates for Sober Coaching run from $250.00 to $500.00 and Outpatient Detox is just $1400.00 for those who do not need a Sober Coach.
We offer assessment, placement, and referral services